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No New Posts First Stop

Make sure to look in here and have a go at our rules and our plot!
And, if your life is exceptionally uneventful today, our credits!

8 11 Request an OMG
by hera
Feb 12, 2013 3:57:50 GMT 2
No New Posts Newsfeed

All camp updates and announcements can be found right here!
This is also where otm voting will be, so keep your eyes open!
You should read EVERYTHING in here as it comes! HINTHINT

Sub-boards: Past Activity Checks, Past Announcements

68 1,837 Announcement 55: MOVING HOUSE!
by Mellius Caesar
Dec 1, 2013 11:06:57 GMT 2
No New Posts The Drop Box

Here's where we'll be holding our OTM voting every month!
Make sure to vote and nominate, and not for yourself!

Sub-board: Past OTMs

188 233 026 OTM NOMINATIONS!
by bootytastic asia
Nov 9, 2013 15:49:04 GMT 2
No New Posts Information Desk

Make sure to read the Q/A beforehand! hinthint
If you have any questions about the site, the plot,
the books, or anything else, this is the place to put
them. Coincidentally, this is also the place to put
any suggestions. Go crazy!

75 348 Purchases
by franklin mills
Nov 8, 2013 0:56:15 GMT 2
No New Posts Behind Enemy Lines

Staff only in here! Sorry guys!

Sub-board: Staff Elysian Fields

19 1,023
No New Posts Camp Store

For every IC post you make, you get five drachmas. And what
do you do with said drachmas? Visit the camp store of course!
Then spend it all like a drunken sailor! Or something like that.

2 5 The Camp Store
by sedna
Nov 12, 2013 2:07:50 GMT 2

Camper Enrolment

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No New Posts Camp Sign In

Get started at Camp Half-Blood by filling in your personal file.

Sub-boards: Completed Applications, Unfinished Applications, Pending, Abandoned

by bootytastic asia
Nov 30, 2013 16:36:27 GMT 2
No New Posts Claims

After your character has been accepted, make sure to fill
in his or her claims. That way we can all avoid some awkward
situations largely pertaining to 'he/she stole my look!'

Sub-board: Camper Run Clubs

17 807 Name List 2.0
by alana erickson
Nov 27, 2013 18:48:53 GMT 2
No New Posts Shipping

All shipping threads will be located here! Be sure to go through
and explore them, and POST to other people as you expect them
to post to you! Handy-dandy thread trackers are also located in
this board!

Sub-board: Tracker Threads

175 2,129 enough's always too tough [biancurr]
by zulfiqar ali
Dec 1, 2013 6:13:44 GMT 2
No New Posts On the Grapevine

Feel out of the loop of what's going on at camp? Wondering
what your fellow CHB members are up to? Well, you can tune
into the gossip newspaper run by an anonymous person who
goes by the name of Pheme.
You're not gong to want to miss any of this gossip gold!

by Pheme
Oct 29, 2012 0:35:09 GMT 2
No New Posts Camper Journals

Been a long day? Need to vent? Or perhaps admit your undying
love to someone (without them knowing about it of course)?
Start a journal!

200 11,178 keep your head up [zulfi's]
by zulfiqar ali
Dec 1, 2013 6:16:12 GMT 2
No New Posts Camp Classifieds

Have a specific plot in mind and need some characters to fill it up?
Or maybe you're looking for your character's long time girlfriend,
or twin brother or something of the like? Then post your Want Ad

320 2,211 disney demigods ~revamped
by madolyn york
Nov 28, 2013 6:25:43 GMT 2

Special Events

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No New Posts Dante's Inferno

Hello, all, and welcome to this year's Halloween event, a night of
fun and fright modelled on Dante's Inferno and the nine levels of Hell within!
Campers are invited to experience an evening quite unlike anything they've
ever experienced before, descending from Camp into the very depths of the
earth by way of a rather terrifying looking flaming entrance and unaware
of what each successive level will bring. Games, sheer terror, boat rides
and dancing are all in store, but you have to keep going if you want to
make it out at the end of the night. Just know that the finale is well worth it!

Counselors have been given an evening's reprieve from their regular
duties - aurai are taking care of around-Camp tasks and harpies
have been assigned to the border in force - and are asked to attend
to act as chaperones and make sure catastrophic repeats of
Halloweens past are prevented. They're free to join in and have fun
as well, though!

Please see within (thoroughly, because you don't want to miss anything!)
for further details on each circle of Hell, and read the ANNOUNCEMENT -
have fun and Happy Halloween, everyone!

Sub-boards: LIMBO - The First Circle, LUST - The Second Circle, GLUTTONY - The Third Circle, GREED - The Fourth Circle, ANGER - The Fifth Circle, HERESY - The Sixth Circle, VIOLENCE - The Seventh Circle, FRAUD - The Eighth Circle, TREACHERY - The Ninth Circle

42 123 feel like im dreaming [marvel]
by missy setters
Nov 30, 2013 20:03:41 GMT 2

Camp Grounds

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No New Posts Farm Road

Though technically not part of the camp itself, every camper has passed
down this road either as he comes to came or leaves it behind.

31 158 I wore the wrong shoes for this (open)
by blake harris
Oct 22, 2013 18:35:21 GMT 2
No New Posts The Magic Boundary

address of camp:
Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141
Long Island, New York 11954
(cover name: Delphi Strawberry Co.)
the boundary runs the length of the camp, and has long protected
the campers from the horrors which await them outside.

52 252 Poke it with a stick (Franco/Open)
by tanner franco
Nov 15, 2013 20:25:58 GMT 2
No New Posts The Infirmary

Feeling sick? Got a nasty cut from sword-combat training? Never fear, the
camp infirmary is here! You'll be handled with the utmost care, and I'm sure
one of the Hecate children's potions will make you feel loads better! Er, just
make sure you check the label before drinking any of them!

45 270 that you remain the same [deacon]
by deacon blackwell
Nov 6, 2013 20:31:31 GMT 2
No New Posts The Big House

This big blue building is most likely the first place you saw when you arrived
at camp. It's the main administrative building... and kind of hard to miss.
The Big House
is where important camp meetings are held, and also serves as an infirmary.

Sub-board: Camp Library

62 363 his and herstory ||| victor
by delphine marcelet
Nov 23, 2013 22:45:09 GMT 2
No New Posts The Dining Pavilion

Every meal at camp takes place here. Each cabin has it's own table,
where the residents must eat. The satyrs and nymphs, however, are free
to bounce from table to table and entertain their friends.

Sub-board: The Kitchens

74 433 camp food [open]
by freya hamilton
Nov 27, 2013 9:16:05 GMT 2
No New Posts The Cabins

The cabins are where the campers sleep, and are tucked away safely
at the heart of the camp! There are Greek white marble statues spread out
in the middle of the lot.

Sub-boards: Campfire, the Zeus Cabin, the Poseidon Cabin, the Demeter Cabin, the Ares Cabin, the Athena Cabin, the Apollo Cabin, the Hephaestus Cabin, the Aphrodite Cabin, the Hermes Cabin, the Dionysus Cabin, the Hades Cabin, the Iris Cabin, the Hecate Cabin, the Artemis Cabin, the Other/Minor Gods Cabin, the Councillor Cabin

206 941 think a little differently [jolene]
by missy setters
Dec 1, 2013 1:41:13 GMT 2
No New Posts The Armory

This big metal shed sits right near the Athena cabin. There are all sorts
of weapons stored in here, and when you first arrive you get to choose one
and (because we lack puppies to follow us around) name it. That weapon
becomes yours. If you want to play with some of the other toys, feel free,
but you must put them back!

11 58 I can do this...maybe (Claire)
by amarantha de fiore
Oct 13, 2013 0:38:37 GMT 2
No New Posts Arts and Crafts

Feeling irritatingly creative today and can't find a suitable outlet?
You're bound to find something to keep yourself busy in here!

27 119 fabric and thread [open]
by etta fitzgerald
Nov 10, 2013 12:23:08 GMT 2
No New Posts The Climbing Wall

When climbing this particular wall, time is of the essence. If you take too
long, the walls will clap together, and if that's not incentive
enough for you, just wait for the lava.

19 99 not wasting time [camille]
by camille fitzpatrick
Sept 26, 2013 18:56:52 GMT 2
No New Posts The Volleyball Court

On the cooler days, the sand-strewn volleyball courts can get quite
crowded. Sadly, it’s first come first serve (because it’s volleyball.
Get it?) so you may have to get up early to claim one of the six or
seven courts.

18 107 Baseball Thread begins! READ ALL RULES!
by thomas henkel
Aug 26, 2013 6:35:53 GMT 2
No New Posts Amphitheatre

I suggest staying away from here most days. It seems as though it's
turned into the Apollo kid hangout, which means there's
always someone rehearsing a play or playing some sort of instrument.
Usually, there's six or seven different kids here playing six or seven
different songs. I have no idea how they focus on anything.

Sub-board: Hecate Cabin Party!

65 423 Break it down [Emmett]
by avan cruz
Oct 21, 2013 2:16:27 GMT 2
No New Posts The Canoe Lake

No, you do not have to bring your own canoe. However,
you may have to build one. But that's only if we're out, and that
rarely happens. Plus, if you're not into hard labour, you can
always go for a swim! I'm sure the naiads would be more than
happy to share their water with you. Especially if you have
rippling pectorals and are of the male genus.

41 297 salty living ||| cordelia
by sedna
Nov 23, 2013 23:25:19 GMT 2
No New Posts The Arena

Play your cards wrong and this is where you'll wind up. Every camper
must clock in several hours of training a week (usually in two hour
class blocks) and what you do beyond that is your business.
If you’re punished, you may be signed up for seven hours training.
Not fun, I hear.

Sub-board: Challenges

106 630 stick with what you know [open]
by freya hamilton
Nov 27, 2013 8:19:46 GMT 2
No New Posts Archery Field

In the time since the last Titan war, the Archery Range has been expanded
and divided into two, and is now the Archery Field. One third of the
field is the old Archery Range, where you may have to elbow a
few Athena and Apollo kids out of the way. The last two thirds of
the field is the Aerial Archery Range, where you can practice your
aim from between a pegasus’ wings.

31 181 being me can only mean || open
by evelyn beckett
Nov 27, 2013 6:40:06 GMT 2
No New Posts The Stables

It has become a new (ish, considering ten years has flown by)
rule that every camper must be well versed in areal combat,
so upon arrival, campers are assigned one of the campÂ’s well trained
Pegasi. Your PegasusÂ’ stall will have both your name on it and his.
If you are not already experienced with the pegasi, the Demeter
cabin holds regular lessons!

11 47 flight [open]
by arielle
Aug 11, 2013 23:44:34 GMT 2
No New Posts Zephyros Creek

This creek divides the north and south side of the woods, and often
serves as a the boundary line during games of capture the flag.

41 251 just around the river bend ||| open
by sedna
Nov 24, 2013 21:55:17 GMT 2
No New Posts The Forge

You’ll rarely find anyone other than sweaty Hepheastus kids
hanging around here. The forge sits at the end the stream, and
has a water wheel attached to the side, so I suppose you could ride
that if you’re bored.

26 240 Priceless (Emerson)
by cordelia hathaway
Oct 6, 2013 20:32:20 GMT 2
No New Posts The Forest

The forest is near and dear to every camper's heart. Why?
Because this is where they play their national sport: capture the flag!
Mind that you don't come here alone though: the forest can be a very
perilous place.

105 478 you had better run from me [isabel]
by isabel le bourcq
Nov 28, 2013 9:40:23 GMT 2
No New Posts Zeus’ Fist

Personally, I don’t quite understand the attraction to Zeus' Fist.
It's nothing but a massive rock.

23 100 What's the buzz ((Madolyn))
by jazz
Oct 16, 2013 0:30:25 GMT 2
No New Posts Strawberry Fields

The strawberry fields make up the camp’s cover service, Delphi
Strawberry Service. Campers pick them, they go out, get sold,
campers pick some more, and the same thing happens. It's good
fun, especially for the Demeter and Dionysus campers
who make up the main work force.

29 186 Swing Tree or Strawberry [Cassandra]]
by cassandra vanhorn
Nov 19, 2013 22:21:13 GMT 2
No New Posts Fireworks Beach

It's a beach, albeit a very nice one. The sands are white, the ocean never
too cold, and the whole thing circled by despicable guard harpies. I
can't stand their screaming. But the nereids are very
nice, and every so often you can see the hypocampi cresting.
Take that flipper.

Sub-board: Devyn/Opal Surprise Birthday Party

76 416 Cold nights ll Open
by shane tai
Nov 24, 2013 19:32:29 GMT 2

Overstepping Boundaries

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts New York

42 287 Rumor Has It ((Quck))
by puck vanderville
Oct 6, 2013 0:53:42 GMT 2
No New Posts Washington, DC

2 3 mortal watching [hunters/open]
by kalika
Sept 23, 2013 1:14:45 GMT 2
No New Posts Miami

2 16 rolling in the deep! [one shots]
by isadora balcoin
Jun 9, 2012 7:03:27 GMT 2
No New Posts San Francisco

1 1 back to the gold mountains | scarlette
by kalika
Oct 8, 2012 10:51:35 GMT 2
No New Posts Las Vegas

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts Dallas

2 2 strong enough to love someone [finn]
by darcie capulet
Apr 9, 2013 2:55:01 GMT 2
No New Posts Other Places in the US

28 174 putting up your armor when you leave [RQ]
by cain givens
Nov 20, 2013 0:29:46 GMT 2
No New Posts The Rest of the World - 1 Viewing

39 156 death and the deathless [thanatos]
by thanatos
Nov 13, 2013 16:18:00 GMT 2

Through the Mist

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Mount Olympus

Campers aren't allowed on mount olympus, unless they are invited
by the gods, or complete a quest!

4 8 Christmas Extravaganza (gods/goddesses)
by venus
Jan 8, 2013 1:49:07 GMT 2
No New Posts The Underworld

To get to the Underworld, you need to purchase a
Poseidon Pearl from the shop. Remember: one pearl can
only carry ONE of your questers! ... needless to say, to get into
the underworld you also need to be on a quest!

6 60 Last Call (terry)
by terry coleman
May 15, 2013 0:46:02 GMT 2

We Will Attempt to Rock You

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Quests

Every so often the gods send me a prophesy, which I
then convey unto you all. The prophesies turn into quests,
which are handed out to the campers depending on
who the gods have chosen. Look inside for details!

Sub-board: Completed Quests

5 16 SKYLAR's Quest Thread
by The Quest Fairy
Oct 14, 2013 20:48:01 GMT 2
No New Posts Capture the Flag

Once a month the camp holds a Capture the
Flag competition. The red team and blue team
will battle it out and ultimately, only one
side will win! Obviously.
Just finished: Round 2

Sub-boards: CTF 1, CTF 2, CTF 3, CTF 4, CTF 5, CTF 6, CTF 7, The Labyrinth

521 3,850 BEST OF CTF 002
by OTM-BOT 3000
Sept 20, 2013 13:49:00 GMT 2
No New Posts Balloon Ball

Ever since the camp started attempting to build up
the air force, they've been holding Balloon Ball
-- a game on the back of pegasi.

Sub-board: Past Games

1 1 About Balloon Ball
by The Oracle
May 23, 2011 20:28:55 GMT 2
No New Posts Other Contests

All other contests that we can come up with will be
located here! Keep your eyes open!

0 0 No posts have been made on this board.
No New Posts What The Future Holds

Got any future one-shots that you'd like to share with
the rest of the members?
Moments years from now with your characters
(and others, if that's your thing) that you've
taken the time to write out? Well, here's the
place for them! ;]
Comments, feedback, etc. are welcome
in this category, too!

22 62 Past Breaking Point [Oneshot]
by franklin mills
Aug 29, 2013 12:43:34 GMT 2

Back to Reality

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Chat

Anything non site related you wanna talk about? We wanna
hear it! But here! Not another random board! Have fun with
yer chit chat!

Sub-board: Members Only

320 2,584 Ethereal Gift
by missy setters
Nov 19, 2013 2:14:02 GMT 2
No New Posts Later Perpetrator!

Going away for a while? Please post here! And please do let us know which
characters you play and what your OOC name is! YAY ABSENCE BOARD!

565 1,337 winter wonderland
by ayida duvailer
Nov 27, 2013 17:31:01 GMT 2
No New Posts Games

Yay for games! In character, out of character; it really
doesn't matter, they're all fun. Remember to post in the
proper board!

Sub-boards: In Character Games, Out of Character Games

64 8,842 Duck. Duck. Goose.
by evelyn beckett
Oct 25, 2013 22:02:04 GMT 2
No New Posts Graphics

If you're not particularly gifted with graphics, you can
post an ad here and wait for one of our other members
to pick up your request! Or, if you're graphically
blessed, you can open up a shop!

Sub-boards: Luna's Graphic Parlor, Maybe It's Quite Simple, The Sig Intruder, No Room For Doubt, Kay's Creations, (de)rezzed., Heard You Were A Wild One, Ellie's Graphix Shop, The Best Deceptions, penguin shop of horrors, charlie's chocolate factory, the real slim shady, blackbird graphics

270 889 Pretty Please - I hope this is ok
by henri bellegarde
Nov 5, 2013 20:16:23 GMT 2
No New Posts Elysian Fields

This is where all our dead threads and characters which are no longer
in use go. PM an admin if you finish a thread, or if one got moved and
you want it back!

Sub-boards: AFK (away from kamp), Abandoned Applications, Shippers/Thread Trackers, Miscellaneous OOC Threads, Special Event Threads, January-March 2013

5,922 39,776
No New Posts Advertising - 1 Viewing

This is the ONLY place on the site you should advertise on! Please post
on the appropriate boards.

Sub-boards: Proboards First Post, Proboards Link Back, Invisionfree First Post, Invisionfree Link Back

1,547 1,704 The Hobbit RPG
by T
Apr 5, 2014 21:56:23 GMT 2


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